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  • It's hard to find quality leads these days but this list is actually good. We're already getting sales from them. Easy purchase!

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Hey Everyone-

I'm Ryan, owner of DamnGoodLeads and Sales.co.

Cold email gets a bad rap, but it shouldn't. Salespeople make the world go 'round.

It feels great when you can cut through the noise and make a connection that can change your business and your prospect's.

But lead gen tools like ZoomInfo and Apollo aren't helping us do that. They give you outdated lists, generic industry filters, and their business model is built on you batching and blasting.

And they have no plans of changing any time soon.

But I'm digging into the niches that are too specific for them to care about in catering to everyone.

Good news, the digging is done. This niched list gives you one, specific, curated type of business. You can confidently message these folks knowing they fit the niche you need without wasting your volume on irrelevant leads.

Simple gets results. These lists are simple.

Take it, plug it back into whatever email enrichment tool you like, and know that your email is going to the right place.

Ryan Doyle

PS - It's important to expense these lists through your employer - email me at ryan @ damngoodleads.com and I'll help you.

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