We book meetings for busy founders using cold email.

You invest $2000/month. For that you will get meetings with decision makers that are in the market for your product or service. This way we replace a $150k/year sales rep and generate a positive ROI on your investment. You don't have to manage anything.

Ryan was a huge help! We were looking to get calls booked with SaaS companies and fractional CFOs, and Ryan did just that. He made tweaks along the way and gave regular updates. His approach yielded some really high open and conversion rates which I was happy with. Excited to continue working with him!

Adam Tzagournis
Founder, Flowcog

Ryan and Jakob helped us generate more leads, schedule more demos, book more appointments with potential customers and users. They've been awesome iterating on the copy of our emails and really making sure we're getting the results that we're looking for.

Tessa Thomas
Founder, Pipeline Solutions

Damn Good Leads has a different proposition - More consultative. Higher value. Higher quality. I feel like I'm buying a commodity with other providers but I'm getting some serious expertise here as well.

What we do No worries, we too value transparency over marketing lingo.

  • i. We find companies that exactly match your ideal customer profile and are most likely interested in your offer using our own custom software.
  • ii. We find the contact information of the most relevant decision maker at each company and carefully verify it.
  • iii. We craft an email sequence that feels warm and gets the right people to respond.
  • iv. When people respond, we reply and schedule a call with you to discuss the opportunity. When they don't reply, we follow up. When they have questions, we answer them. When they have objections, we address them.

We do all of this at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house sales team.

Let us book meetings for you so you can focus on what you're best at.

I'm interested, tell me more I'm in, sign me up

Hi, nice to meet you!

We're a fully remote 2-person team that met in January 2023 for the first time in person. We've founded different software projects and worked with different startups before joining forces in September 2022.

  • Ryan Doyle


    Ryan is a sales expert based in New York, who has personally booked over $1million in business, and sourced $25million+ for the businesses he sold for.

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  • Jakob Greenfeld


    Jakob is a web scraping and automation expert based in Denmark who has built data pipelines for startups like Alts.co and sold projects to Micro Acquire and Tweet Hunter.

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Frequently asked questions

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How much does it cost?
We currently charge $2,000 per month.
How many emails do you send?
On average, we send 2000 emails per month for each client. But depending on the offer and ideal customer profile it sometimes can also make sense to send a smaller or larger number of emails.
Who will do the work? Is it outsourced?
Just us, Jakob Greenfeld and Ryan Doyle. We do not outsource work. All work is hand-crafted by us.
Do you also follow up or just send emails once?
We always follow up on emails. We'll take care of the people who say no, and just thank them for their response. For objections, we try to overcome a few common ones and then hand them over to you if they're too specific.
Do you respond when people reply?
Our goal is to make booking meetings as easy and stress-free as possible for you. So if a prospect says no, we'll follow up in order to try to address any objections they may have, or simply to thank them for their response.
How long will it take to get results?
If you never tested cold email before, it can take up to two months of constant iterations to find a combination of personas and messaging that works. If you already have a good idea of what works, it'll typically take much less time.